Jan. 12th, 2009

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There's something seriously wrong with me.

I want to do a Harry/Draco video to a Pat Benetar song.

Gah! Just kill me now, but The lyrics!!! THE LYRICS!! )

Seriously... what do you guys think? The LYRICS!!
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is there someone on my flist who is not participating in springsmut who can britpick a fic for me?


Mucho love!!
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Time for my Holiday wrap-up. Did you guys know I was busy? No?


Like... WHOA!!

First, there's my Snarry Holidays Fic and Art which I completed with the help of [insanejournal.com profile] summerborn's fabulous Snape!

Then there's My Smutty Claus Submission of Fic and Art with Draco and Rita.

I also contributed to HD_Holidays with an anime-inspired Harry/Draco (Rated G) It's the first time I've drawn anime style in ages!!

Personally, I loved my submission for Snapely Holidays. I think it's some of my best writing, and I personally love my take on Snape in the art of this one.

For Kinky Kristmas, I wrote A Journal Entry from Salem_wolf_999 for [insanejournal.com profile] lesyeuxverts. Teddy/Snape!! I also wrote a sequel to it. if you go to the [insanejournal.com profile] salem_wolf_999 journal. ^_^

Oh, you think that's all? Not hardly!!

There's also my art for Best Mate's Xmas. Harry/Ron Rated G or PG. I htink this is my favorite stand-alone art this season.

My Advent Drabbles Which I completed on time! Don't be afraid of the pairing. If you think about it, Gilderoy and Draco really do kind of work together!!

Yule Balls this year can boast about having the filthiest thing I've ever written! It's got a 4-some in it!! OMG. Harry, Sirius, Snape, and Remus! and then later Harry/Draco implied. (Poor Hermione)

So... that's my list of fests and exchanges that I participated in and completed this year. I think there might be one other that I'm forgetting, but considering there are EIGHT OF THEM!! right there, I think forgetting about something can be forgiven.

Now, I only have two more fics to write, and a ba-jillion comments which need replies!


Fandom is so much work sometimes!
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I've spent the past hour and a half replying to comments from fests.

I got two and a half done.

There are now only... 5 more pages of comments to reply to in Insanejournal, and... and then I have yet to check livejournal. -_-



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