Jan. 19th, 2009

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My thoughts are detatched today. I don't know why I'm so Effin' distractable.

For example: I can't get through one episode of Remington Steele without pausing it two or three times to just look around my room, think about what I'm supposed to be doing, and... look for my socks?

I have today off. I don't need to wear my socks when I'm in bed watching Remington Steele.

Seriously. 36 and on the verge of mental breakdown?

I'm going to give myself until 9:30, then I have to get up and do something. until then, I will try to just focus on one thing - relaxing and watching this show!!

And this is the "Thin Man" episode, too.
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"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."


Okay, so I'm going to TRY to go a week without posting any of my normal, depressing posts. No matter how much I want to talk things through, no matter how bad things get, I won't do it!!

I'm going to TRY to stick to only nice things.

Well, unless it's something really tragic.
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Instead of not posting my feelings/anything negative, I'm going to make a separate group just for rants.

So, I guess, just comment here if you want to listen to me vent. I'll try to screen all future rants, vents, and depressing things into the rant filter.
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It's that time of year again...

Gotta make holiday cards. So, here's the deal. Anyone who wants to get on my card mailing list (and yes, international is just fine and dandy), post a comment here with your name and address. I'll screen comments so nobody else can see your personal information!

I need a head count so I know how many cards to make!


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