Jan. 29th, 2009

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As some of you know, I didn't get in to Ohayocon. I had gone previous years, but this year, they did this kind of "selection process and application" thing, and I didn't get in. Apparently, they only wanted to pick those who had the most professionalism, and showed the most potential. Their words, folks.

And that's not me.

Well, this was the convention that usually pays for February's bills. During the first couple months of the year, they cut back everyone's hours at work, and I'm often left with paychecks that are around $150 shorter than any other given time of the year. I need this supplemental income, and it's just not coming from freelance illustration right now. *sigh*

SO... what I'm going to do:

I have Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off. Today after work, I am going to Target to buy a bunch of envelopes.

I will produce art, and make a post with various things for sale, and then it will be a kind of first-come-first-serve thing. I'll put it up in a post, and when someone comments, I'll put in in an envelope with their name and address on it, and it will go out on Tuesday. Just like that.

A lot of this stuff will be non-fandom, and my own characters. So, be warned about that. But of course, there will be some Harry Potter stuff in there, too. I have STACKS of fanart that need to just go.

I hope I can get some takers. If you have any friends who might be interested, please let them know about it, too. I'll be doing this on IJ only, but if someone from LJ sees it, they can post an anonymous comment and email me just like anyone else.

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Okay! Here's the situation.

My roommate went off to a con. I couldn't go (see aforementioned crap about Ohayocon being selective and deeming me unworthy of selling art there).

She did not leave money for her half of the rent. Which is due Saturday.

I can't wait on this, either, because I rent from my sister who just lost her job. So I need to get the money to her by Sunday at the latest so she can transfer it to her bank account so she can make her house payment by the 5th.

Here's the situation: I need to come up with her share of the rent. That's $450 by Saturday. If I can get it in my paypal account, I can send it to my sister, and she can get it in her bank by the 5th.

I'll put up a post in a little bit with all of the things I have laying around, and prices for them.
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I'm doing this in two sets. The first set are all smaller drawings and paintings. All of them art 6x9 or smaller, so they're easy to mat, easy to frame, and make great little gifts. :D

I have a stack of padded envelopes right here, and I have monday and tuesday off so I will have time to get to the post office. And I *HAVE* all of these right here, right now, and ready to go out, so, yeah, please, if you feel like helping out...

I'm horrible at pricing, so if you think it's too much, make me an offer, if you think it's too little, you get a great deal, right? :D

And again, if you can't or aren't interested in buying any of these, please tell your friends, pimp it, or something.
/desperation mode

Please just order by number since there's a lot of Snape here. :P
Reply to this post with the one you want, how much you're paying for it, and your name if you're using paypal.
First-come, first-serve!

Image-heavy. Lots of art for sale behind cut. )

Here's the Paypal button for easy payment!

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Set #2: 8x10 and larger!

Please just order by number again. Reply to this post with the number you want, and it's first-come, first-served!

Image-heavy again. Lots of art for sale behind cut. )

Here's the Paypal button for easy payment!


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