Apr. 25th, 2009

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I need to be asleep. Not awake.

And I need to wake up in two hours, get some work done, and then get ready for work.

Grrr. Please fall asleep, me. Please please please.
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Alright. Purse design is a win. I'm really pleased with it. This version of it is still too small for printing, but it's adorable, anyway.

It's a kind of square purse with a flap. I'll see if I can streamline the process so it won't take too long to make one. If I can get the creation process down to under two hours, I think I can sell them at a decent price.

So, what would you pay for one of these? It's fully lined with a fabric that's just like the red and black kanji fabric, only black with white kanji.

And here's the finished Snape Bag. I'm thinking $25 for these.

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I've got two Snape bags ready to sell, and two XL Snape T-shirts (Silver on Black).

I need to do more. But just don't have the time right now. They offered me a little bit of overtime at work, and I just need to do it!

I will see how much work I can get done tomorrow.

As for the sale, it will have to be in two parts if I can manage it. I am going in to work tomorrow. -_- I will get up early and see how much I can scan first thing in the morning.

Wow, do I ever need sleep. My feet are burning, too. Sleep will feel so good.


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