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Attention everyone!!!:

A little while ago, I was talking about starting up a community for coloring art. Remember? Well, I've done it.

Everyone, please join, watch, tell your friends about, shout from the highest rafters, and link to:

The Harry Potterverse Coloring Book

I've already got an introductory image up there. Clicking on it will take you to a site where you can download a hires PDF of it so you can color and upload as a comment!!!

Please read the bio page if you have any questions. ^_^
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Title: Sorting Allie
Author: [ profile] littleblackbow
Characters: Alstromeria, McGonagall, Sorting Hat
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Notes: This is more to get this down for the record than anything. ^_^

Sorting Allie
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Final Fantasy and Harry Potter fans?

Anyone going to Azkatraz who wants to see a show the night of the 18th at 8pm?


The concert I went to last night will be in SF on the night of the 18th at 8, and it's seriously the most wonderful concert I've seen in ages!!! I'm definitely getting tickets.

So... anyone else want to go? They go on sale April 21!!!

I can make arrangements if anyone is interested.


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Don't care if you're into HD or not. And there's no contact between Harry and Draco in this art.

But regardless, it's BEYOND GORGEOUS.

Seriously. Look back, I do not rec art very much, but this is really amazing. The skill and composition and skill and... it's just breath-taking!

Please, even if you think you can't stomach H/D, you can go and look at this. It's unbelievable!
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Title: Not Your Mother's Eyes
Author: [ profile] littleblackbow
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: This is just a little drabble that wouldn't get out of my head. The idea of Harry constantly hearing that he has his mother's eyes and othewise looks just like his father... God, that would bug the hell out of me.

Not Your Mother's Eyes )
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Two concerts this week.

Morrissey on Monday was fantastic. What a rat-bastard of an asshole. But he's got the voice of an angel. Too bad he knows it.

I'm glad I saw him, though. The concert was very good, and certainly entertaining! And oh, how that man can sing.

However, and I'm sure this won't hurt his ego at all, it was not the best one I've seen... not even the best one this week.

Hearing the music from the Final Fantasy games played by a full chamber orchestra was amazing beyond words. I mean, I knew that Uematsu-san had written this music with something grander than your basic video game in mind, but Holy Cow! So incredible.

I did purchase the CD, and if they ever do come back, I will shell out the $50 to go see them again!!

In other news, I've been drawing a lot. OMG, the list is getting shorter, but I've still got so much to do!! The good thing is that I've really gotten back into my drawing. I've felt uncomfortable with it for a while now, feeling that what I've been doing was mediocre at best, but I think I'm back into the proverbial swing of things.

My head hurts with the worst migraine I've had in ages... and my teeth hurt, too. Damn, I wish I had money to get a couple of fillings done.
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Okay. I know. Rec'ing another one of Aoifene's fics.

God, this is good, though.

Even if you're not a fan of Harry/Draco, I think it ought to be used as a textbook example of how to write Draco snark and Harry retorts.

It's also so smooth in transitions, and flows so well... Guh.

I wanna write like this!


A hope in hell.
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Title: The Spirit of an Invitation
Author: [ profile] littleblackbow
Characters: Severus, Harry, Alstromeria
Rating: PG
Summary: Harry is lonely without Jimmy, and pays an unannounced visit, much to
Allie's excitement.
Notes: Written for [ profile] accioslash's birthday. I know it doesn't make much sense, but... oh well. You know me, I'm much
more comfortable with art than words. :P

The Spirit of an Invitation
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Reveals are up at Springsmut, so I can safely tell all of you that I wrote a fic!!!


And it's a pairing I've never written before, but seems to have gone over well. Now, I know this is going to fall upon a lot of unreading eyes 'cause most of my flist is either Snarry or H/D, but for those of you who are willing to read it, and want to res domething that I'm immensely proud of - actually I think it's the best writing I've done so far - here it is!

Author: [ profile] littleblackbow
Recipient: [ profile] mindabbles
Title: The Ward
Rating: Hard R
Pairing(s): Harry/Charlie
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Harry is going blind. Ron and Hermione need to find the Grangers. They ask Charlie to stay with Harry while they're gone.
Warnings: *Suggestion of Character Death, religious themes*
Word Count: ~9,000
Author's Notes: This was hard to write, but as soon as I saw your prompts, the story just popped into my head. I'd been tossing around some of these ideas for a while, so THANK YOU for giving me an opportunity to express them! Thanks to my betas, you know who you are! You guys are the bestest!!!

The Ward
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And because you don't have to be in a fest to get rec'd, right?

Here... every Snarry fan on my flist needs to go look at This art by [ profile] lizardspots

Gorgeous Snarry, creepy Snape... just fantastic!!!
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Here are some thoughts...

First a Rec: I'd really like people to read this. Everyone if you're willing to stomach it. It's part of HD worldcup, but it's not... I don't know how to explain it. It isn't what you might think. There's no sex, no kissing, just a discussion between HArry and Blaise on the day Harry and Draco are supposed to be married.

I won't say any more until you read it, but I have thoughts under the cut.

How we try too hard )
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I'd like to just say that I'm REALLY loving HP Slash Not Smut fest.

It was fun to do, it's fun to read, there's art and fic and... and it's just a breath of life for me today.

Anyway, those of you who haven't taken a look, please go. And especially read "The Stag and Flower" It's pretty amazing.!!!
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It's on IJ, too!

Yeah, I forgot about that. I'm so excited!
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My HD_worldcup art posted today!!!!

Everyone go look! :D

*squeeees with joy!!*

Art Therapy

Apr. 2nd, 2009 06:27 pm
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Title: Housemates
Medium: Pen and ink, Markers
Artist: [ profile] littleblackbow
Characters: Snape/Gilderoy
Rating: PG
Notes: I needed to feel better, and Snart always makes me feel better, so this happened.

More art!

Apr. 1st, 2009 09:29 pm
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Title: Marauders
Medium: Pen and ink/marker
Artist: [ profile] littleblackbow
Rating: PG
Characters: Remus, Sirius, James, Peter
Notes: I think this might be the first time I've ever drawn Peter. ^_^

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Cross posted from hp_art_xchange over at Livejournal. ^_^

Gift art for: cydienne
Title: The Dueling Club
Subject: Harry/Draco (preslash)
Medium: Pen and ink/Markers
Rating: G
Notes: Sorry about the lack of adult material. I don't know why I was struggling so much. I had an earlier sketch, but really screwed it up, and then this just came to me. Feel free to icon or use however you see fit. :P
Link of LJ cut to art:
A link to the livejournal page

And below is an actual cut to the image if you'd like to see it here, instead. ^_^
The Dueling Club )
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Mighty Boosh premiered last night on Cartoon Network!

They showed "Eels." Not a bad choice.

This morning, I'm making pancakes for breakfast. I also started soaking beans yesterday, so after a few hours of cooking, I should be able to make chili!!! :D

I love Chili. It's that comfort food that's so versatile. Goes well in eggs, alone, with chips, on cornbread, etc. ^_^

Okay, Now on to cooking the sausage. Morningstar Sausage is AWESEOME!


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