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I am 1/4 done with my snarry art games entry...

... I think.

Close to 1/4 done, anyway.

hooray for small miracles.
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So, I've spent virtually the entire day working on my snarry art games entry.

I know, I was going to work on some more of the portraits, but it's that "roll" thing.

I promise I'll get on with them now. Hopefully I can get some done tonight. The good news is that I have tomorrow off, too.

And in the mean time, today I'll scan and post the ones I got done yesterday. :D...

um... after dinner.
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So, I just got back from Art Materials, and I'm all ready to go on a couple of commissions - to the tune of another $55.

Man, I just don't have the up front money for this. I mean, yeah, this investment will turn into a lot more, but still, right now, I'm so far behind on bills, and I can't seem to get blood from that turnip ex-husband of mine.

Still, it'll be nice to paint again. And I'm gonna work on another painting at the same time. Hopefully it'll be something I can sell later on.

If I had more friends on my flist, I'd hold a private art sale here for some of my fest works and stuff, but alas, most of my flist is just as poor as I am. :P

The problem with having a lot of artist friends...


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