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I need to raise $400 by Friday! Help me out and get some really amazing art!!

First: I've got two Black T-shirts XL with Snape on them. That's my screenprint of Snape. Silver on Black. $25 each plus $3 shipping

Ill be making more T-shirts and bags as soon as I can afford the shirts/fabric. ^_^

Also: Two Snape-Screened bags. Green print on outside, Screened with silver Snape, again, and lined with light gray fabric. They're awesome over-the-shouder totes!! $25 each plus $3 shipping

Now, onto the original artwork: )
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packages going out to:

[ profile] celandineb
[ profile] venturous
[ profile] dead_sexydexy
[ profile] r_grayjoy
[ profile] dementordelta
[ profile] strickens_girl

I'll pick up cardboard to back the others and send them out tomorrow!!

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I have a strange urge to see the movie "Bubba Ho-Tep" today.

I also can't seem to draw anything but Harry today. I need to be working on commissions. I need to be painting Tonks.

And all I can do is draw variations on the theme of Harry Potter.

I'm going to the post office and to pick my son up. Maybe then I'll be able to draw something other than a 30-year-old Harry
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I've got some packages ready to send out, but they need some sort of stiff backing. (I don't trust the "do not bend" stamp at the post office). Anyone have any ideas? I don't have much here in the way of cardboard or stiffer boards. :\
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Okay! Art Sale post #3.

This is my own little anti-convention, so I'll be posting more during the course of the day.

I'll start with a few older things. Some of this is NWS!!!

more images and stuff for sale )
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Hey! You guys know I'm selling some of my art.

Well, I'm at the point where I'm just gonna say "make me an offer!"

I still need to raise about $350 by tomorrow morning, so yeah, it's coming down to that point. -_-

here's what I've got up for sale right now.

Smaller pieces sized 6x9 and smaller
Larger pieces sized 8x10 and larger

I'm going to work on getting more stuff scanned and put up tonight.

And if you know anyone who might be interested?

Oh, and I'm trying to collect the money in paypal so I can just zip it over to my sister that way. It will take less time that way. ^_^ Thank you guys so much!!

Art Sale!

Jan. 30th, 2009 05:56 pm
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Packages went out today for:
[ profile] lilyseyes
[ profile] femmequixotic
[ profile] gatewaygirl
[ profile] chazpure

I'm about 1/3 to my goal now, and there's a lot more art for sale. Plus, I will have some more ready to put up tonight. I just need to scan them.

Smaller pieces sized 6x9 and smaller
Larger pieces sized 8x10 and larger

Even if you're not interested, if you think your flist might be, or if there's someone you know who's looking for some art, please direct them my way!


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Okay... freaking out just a little here.

Remember when I did that mini-portrait sale? Well, there are some that didn't get theirs, and I'm quite sure I got them all mailed out at the beginning of December.

Please let me know that you got yours. Or if you didn't. I had a stack of them to mail out, and I just sent them with the Christmas cards. My post office is usually pretty good about those things.

Oh, except for [ profile] vaysh11. Yours was returned to me again. Can you send me your address?It came back saying "address insufficient" this time (or something. I can't read it.

Seriously, folks. I'm freaking out here. I know some of you got yours 'cause I gave them to you at Ven's, and others have told me they received theirs, but if you didn't, can you please reply to this. Maybe send your address? I'll screen the posts.
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Set #2: 8x10 and larger!

Please just order by number again. Reply to this post with the number you want, and it's first-come, first-served!

Image-heavy again. Lots of art for sale behind cut. )

Here's the Paypal button for easy payment!

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I'm doing this in two sets. The first set are all smaller drawings and paintings. All of them art 6x9 or smaller, so they're easy to mat, easy to frame, and make great little gifts. :D

I have a stack of padded envelopes right here, and I have monday and tuesday off so I will have time to get to the post office. And I *HAVE* all of these right here, right now, and ready to go out, so, yeah, please, if you feel like helping out...

I'm horrible at pricing, so if you think it's too much, make me an offer, if you think it's too little, you get a great deal, right? :D

And again, if you can't or aren't interested in buying any of these, please tell your friends, pimp it, or something.
/desperation mode

Please just order by number since there's a lot of Snape here. :P
Reply to this post with the one you want, how much you're paying for it, and your name if you're using paypal.
First-come, first-serve!

Image-heavy. Lots of art for sale behind cut. )

Here's the Paypal button for easy payment!

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OMG you guys are the best in the world!! Seriously.

between the auctions and donations, I'm only $60 away from paying rent!!!

So, here's what I'm offering:

Matted PRINTS of "Homeschooling Allie!"

Those who bought my auction things, you'll be getting them anyway, so no worries!

I'll make HQ prints of this, mat them, limited edition of 25! So, they'll be signed and numbered, as well.

So, you'll get that, and a sketch of either Snape, Harry, or Allie. (let me know which) for $25.

I'm going to the post office on Monday to mail out cards and packages, so hopefully I can get them out then. I'll screen comments, so please leave your mailing address here, as well. ^_^

In other news, I got one commission finished, another one WELL started, and I'll be working on them all night tonight. So, if I'm absent from chat, twitter, commenting, it's 'cause I'll be painting!

Here's the Paypal button for easy payment!

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Everyone wants money from me... -_-

So... in honor of living below the national poverty level, and yet being ineligible for public assistance (that's right, I make too much money to get help, and yet not enough to pay for rent, utilities, and groceries. Go figure!), I am selling off more stuff.
I don't have a lot right now, so it's gonna be just random things here and there.


Here's the deal. Since my asshole of an ex won't pay me child support for this month or last month, I need to raise about $300. I can sell some books and CDs to the used book store, but I don't have much left after the last time I did that, so I'll have to try other things.

Here's what I have!

Artwork: my RS games Watercolor is up for bid at
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These are little portraits. They're all about 2 1/2" to 3" on any side. The detail, though, is really fine. I used a tiny brush to paint these.

Numbered 1-5:

1) Sirius 1
2) Sirius 2
3) Harry
4) Hermione
5) Ron

Start at, what, $15 each?

Auction Ends Saturday night at 9:00 pm

Tiny portraits under cut )
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Sale Item #3.

Snape... young. Figure he's about 15 here? Maybe 14.

Auction starts tonight, and Ends Wednesday at 9pm.

Shipping is $3.00 and I will have it matted, so he'll be ready to hop into a frame and jump up onto your wall. Again, the original looks WAY better. No scanner means a digital photo, and it's kind of pinkish and flat in the photo.

Young Snape )
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The auction opens tonight, bidding ends at 9pm Wednesday.

This is item #2. It's Sirius and Severus drawn for the HP_Tarot last year.

Shipping is $3.00, and it's already framed and ready to go up on your wall! The original looks better than this one, actually.

the chariot )
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The auction opens tonight, bidding ends at 9pm central Tuesday night. (April 8)

I have three pieces up for auction starting today. Hopefully I can get paid for them soonish - by the end of the week using paypal, or you can send it in the mail, too.

Shipping is $3.00, and I'll get a Mat for you, so it'll be nicely framed and ready to go up on your wall.

My Green Heaven )


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