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Just a couple more hours left of my art Auctions!!!

Harry and Draco Auction set here

Sirius (and Remus) set here

And the Snape set is here

Still no bids on Sirius. ;_;

Gah, and he's SOOOO gorgeous! And The print is huge, and laminated!

And only one bid on Harry/Draco! What a deal! All of my art from bond, plus... well, the sketch is coming along nicely. It's getting better.

And TWO h/d bookmarks!!

It would seriously help me out here. 'Cause I'm at the point where I HAVE to pay the rest of my rent. I still owe $300. ;_;
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A number of things:

First off, There's one more day to my auctions. Well, a day and a half, really. I've worked into the Harry/Draco sketch some more, actually. It was one of those ideas I had, and I could have just tossed it away, but I didn't want to, 'cause there was something there... but the more I work on it, the more I think it's turning out alright. :D

Harry and Draco Auction set here

Sirius (and Remus) set here

And the Snape set is here

Anyway, yeah, tomorrow night it will close, and... ;_; still no love for Sirius.

Also, if any of you missed it, I made a present for my Flist and basically all of HP fandom. You guys have really helped me pull through this year, and I can't express how much I appreciate it!

The Gift video can be found here.

So, there's one more thing, and it's kind of weird, and I feel a little awkward mentioning it 'cause... well, it was [ profile] dementordelta's idea!! You can blame her!!

I've created an asylum for this Allieverse (what I call the place where Snape has a daughter named Alstromeria, and Harry has Jimmy and Allie and Jimmy are friends... you know that one), so I'll be archiving all my works surrounding those families there.

And it was suggested that I have some kind of fest or exchange or something within that universe.

What do you guys think? If nothing else, it'll be a place where people who want to write and draw those characters can post their work! :D

Come and join if you are so inclined!
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Aaand one more auction set up today.

Severus Snape.

I know there are a lot of fans of him out there... *sigh* He's so horrible and wonderful...

This set includes a playable DVD with my Snarry_Games video, and another "Allieverse" video which I will hopefully have finished and posted today. Playable!! As in high-quality and put it in your DVD player. There will also be extras on there like the individual drawings, some other sketches that didn't make it in, and sooper-sekrit surprises. ^_^

I might even scan some of my notes and process.

Also, This portrait of him

And one more thing... )

Auction ends Tuesday, December 2, at 8pm Central (US) time.
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This auction includes:

A laminated, full color print of my RS_Games art (that goes with my fic, "Heat"),

A copy of the short comic I did called "K+9<3". It includes the RS_Games comic I did, plus an extra one, and an illustration.

A portrait of Sirius )

Auction will end Tuesday, December 2 at 8pm Central time (US).
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This auction is for a full set of prints of the Art I did for "bond." That's a total of 8 prints!
Images can be found under this cut.

Also included is a pair of Harry and Draco watercolor winter bookmarks,
and A Sketch )

Auction will end Tuesday, December 2 at 8pm Central time (US).
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Make me an offer?

After paying bills, I will have almost no money left over for Christmas presents, postage for cards, etc., and my computer is dying faster than I had expected. I need to raise some money.

So... here it goes again... I'll sell any and all sketches I do on breaks at work.

Watercolor sketch. Size: 5.5x8 approx.

End of Auction: Friday, Nov. 28, 6 pm central.
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These are little portraits. They're all about 2 1/2" to 3" on any side. The detail, though, is really fine. I used a tiny brush to paint these.

Numbered 1-5:

1) Sirius 1
2) Sirius 2
3) Harry
4) Hermione
5) Ron

Start at, what, $15 each?

Auction Ends Saturday night at 9:00 pm

Tiny portraits under cut )
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Sale Item #3.

Snape... young. Figure he's about 15 here? Maybe 14.

Auction starts tonight, and Ends Wednesday at 9pm.

Shipping is $3.00 and I will have it matted, so he'll be ready to hop into a frame and jump up onto your wall. Again, the original looks WAY better. No scanner means a digital photo, and it's kind of pinkish and flat in the photo.

Young Snape )
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The auction opens tonight, bidding ends at 9pm Wednesday.

This is item #2. It's Sirius and Severus drawn for the HP_Tarot last year.

Shipping is $3.00, and it's already framed and ready to go up on your wall! The original looks better than this one, actually.

the chariot )
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The auction opens tonight, bidding ends at 9pm central Tuesday night. (April 8)

I have three pieces up for auction starting today. Hopefully I can get paid for them soonish - by the end of the week using paypal, or you can send it in the mail, too.

Shipping is $3.00, and I'll get a Mat for you, so it'll be nicely framed and ready to go up on your wall.

My Green Heaven )


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