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If you haven't read Snape: the Home Fries Nazi... you should. That's all I have to say. I don't care if you don't like Snarry, or if you're not into non-dh compliant, or if you don't like strange and dark, or...

Doesn't matter. It's one of the best characterizations of those two post-war I've ever read.

And since I love it so much, I made a cover for it!! :D

Clicky on the cover to head on over to [ profile] pir8fancier's skyhawke page with it.

Seriously... GO READ IT!!! (and if you've read it already, go read it again.)

Cover Art Here! )
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Completely sucky day - getting worse it seems

Still, even though my talent has completely abandoned me when it comes to fest drawings, at least I managed to get one done.

It's a cover for [ profile] dementordelta's Snarry_hols fic, Between The Lines. If you haven't read it, Go do so now. That little thing is a linkydoodle for ultimate read-ability!

And here's the promised art.

cover )


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