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I'm rec'ing something that's old.

It's just so good, though. SO PERFECT!!


I can't even think of words to describe how amazing and fasntastic this fic is.

And I've never actually felt dizzy and swooned from reading a scene as I did later on in this fic. It was just so brilliant and so amazing, and I know I ought to be working on a GA-JILLION other things, but I need to do character designs for these guys now.

Jeeves and Wooster. Even if you're not a fan, you will be after reading this!
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You guys have GOT TO GOT TO GOT TO read this fic!

Seriously, it's just so good,and so amazing, and SO MUCH FUN!!!

The most wonderful fic I've read in ages 'cause it totally caters to my fancy of Jeeves and Wooster, Tommy and Tuppence, old Mysteries, campy british fiction, and EVERYTHING!

Seriously... So good, and so much fun!!!
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If you haven't read Snape: the Home Fries Nazi... you should. That's all I have to say. I don't care if you don't like Snarry, or if you're not into non-dh compliant, or if you don't like strange and dark, or...

Doesn't matter. It's one of the best characterizations of those two post-war I've ever read.

And since I love it so much, I made a cover for it!! :D

Clicky on the cover to head on over to [ profile] pir8fancier's skyhawke page with it.

Seriously... GO READ IT!!! (and if you've read it already, go read it again.)

Cover Art Here! )


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