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So, I love it when you get a giftee who wants a fic or art with the pairing that you want, yourself!! :D

Smutty_Claus is gonna be so good this year!!
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I have only bad luck all the time, you guys know that, right? Watch... tomorrow I'm going to get in a horrible, fatal car accident and karma can have it's last laugh.

In other news, Marcus Flint, everyone! I told you that I'd post something of him.

Title: Polishing the ol' broom handle
Character: Marcus Flint
Media: Pencil on paper that didn't want to cooperate with me.
Comments: So, I have this theory about him. That with teeth like a horse, something *ELSE* is horse-like, too. Oh, he's ugly, and not very smart, (tiny head, huge body), but I thought he had so much potential, and she just left him hanging. Poor guy

Genitals under the cut, yo )


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