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I need to raise $400 by Friday! Help me out and get some really amazing art!!

First: I've got two Black T-shirts XL with Snape on them. That's my screenprint of Snape. Silver on Black. $25 each plus $3 shipping

Ill be making more T-shirts and bags as soon as I can afford the shirts/fabric. ^_^

Also: Two Snape-Screened bags. Green print on outside, Screened with silver Snape, again, and lined with light gray fabric. They're awesome over-the-shouder totes!! $25 each plus $3 shipping

Now, onto the original artwork: )
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I've had a stroke of somewhat genius. Well, not complete genius, but I had a pretty good idea.

I filled out a new W-4, so I don't think they'll be taking out much in the way of taxes. If all goes according to plan, I should have a extra $75 per month. Hopefully.


Hey, any little bit helps.
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I've been up since 3:30 am! I'd like to say that I got enough sleep. Maybe I did. I think about 6 hours? But I'm more inclined to believe it was the back pain plus stress nightmare.

just one or the other are pretty powerful, but both together...

Bam Ka-BAM!!

I'm gonna hot shower, drink lots of water, and go to work early. Maybe I can start work early and get off early? We shall see.
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Today was so bad, it sucked and blew at the same time.

No joke. I got into work today with three days worth of work sitting there, the bare minimum had gotten done yesterday, they sprung a new project on me. The regional manager was visiting from Chicago, I had an hour and a half of register/carts time in the middle of the day while I was supposed to be getting things done. Didn't get lunch until 1 (when I was scheduled to go home at 2) Ended up staying an extra hour.

And on my lunch break, I re-worked my budget with lack of roomate funds, plus raise, and I'll need to come up with an extra $437 per month MINIMUM. That's not including food.

I can't see how this can get better. Seriously, this is one of those days when I have been seriously asking myself why I'm still alive if I can't get ahead working like this.

So, forgive me if I didn't get all the packages mailed out that I was supposed to.

Packages did go out to:
[ profile] accioslash
[ profile] leela_cat
[ profile] alisanne

I need to get an oversized envelope for
[ profile] vimeslady

And a regular sized envelope for
[ profile] gfeather

But for now, I'm going to open a bottle of wine, and drink myself to sleep.
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I am in a lot of pain right now. My back hurts like it hasn't hurt in years, and I literally cannot stretch it enough to make it feel good.

Tension, stress, and pressure.

One of these years I'm gonna get one of those shiatsu back massagers to try to get it to decompress. Right now, my muscles are so contracted, it's pulling my vertebrae together.

I haven't eaten dinner yet. I need to be up at 5:30 tomorrow morning. I should try to relax my back muscles - maybe a bath. I wonder if I have epsom salts.
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So, I went onto that Needy or Greedy site to put up my request for help. I have no idea what will come of that, but in browsing through the other needs, there was a woman who wanted to provide some sort of Christmas for her two daughters, who are 3 and 5.

Now, I can't really help send money or anything, but I did vote for her, and sent her a message...

... offering to make a couple of little rag dolls for her girls.

She accepted gratefully, and thanked me... well, many times in multiple messages. :D

That made me feel important. I know it was just the paranoia yesterday - the feeling that none of you actually want to hear about what's going on with me, that none of you out there would notice if I disappeared. I KNOW IT ISN'T REAL!

Still this little thing made me feel like I did have a purpose. So, after work today, I'm going to make two dolls. I might see if my boss at work would donate a couple of those little candy storybook things, or some lollipops for the kids, and maybe a box of chocolates or something for mom.
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I'm having severe paranoia today.

I just can't shake the feeling that everyone's disappointed in me, and I'm failing again. That I'm a burden to my friends and everyone wishes I would just drop out, fade away, or leave altogether.

I know it's unreasonable, but no matter how many times I tell myself that, I can't shake the feeling.

And this means it's the beginning of another down time. GAH! I need to get myself one of those sunshine lamps. I work all day in an interior room with no windows and one door. When I get to work in the morning, it's dark, and when I go home at the end of the day, I have, maybe, half an hour of sunlight left.

I need to do something.

Paranoia... she is a cruel mistress.
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Maybe my flist can help and give me a boost here... I've only got about $50 to go, but you know, I still have that outstanding power bill, and car payment...

Wish me luck?

help paying my rent this month

help paying my rent this month

Vote: 1 2 3 4 5 Greedy or Needy  The World's First Web 2.0 Wishing Well

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OMG you guys are the best in the world!! Seriously.

between the auctions and donations, I'm only $60 away from paying rent!!!

So, here's what I'm offering:

Matted PRINTS of "Homeschooling Allie!"

Those who bought my auction things, you'll be getting them anyway, so no worries!

I'll make HQ prints of this, mat them, limited edition of 25! So, they'll be signed and numbered, as well.

So, you'll get that, and a sketch of either Snape, Harry, or Allie. (let me know which) for $25.

I'm going to the post office on Monday to mail out cards and packages, so hopefully I can get them out then. I'll screen comments, so please leave your mailing address here, as well. ^_^

In other news, I got one commission finished, another one WELL started, and I'll be working on them all night tonight. So, if I'm absent from chat, twitter, commenting, it's 'cause I'll be painting!

Here's the Paypal button for easy payment!

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So, I started knitting this raglan sweater, and the yarn is SOOOOOOO Rainbow!!! Seriously, it's like someone drew rainbows on it with crayons or something.

And, of course, my first thought is that I want to put a lightning bolt on the chest... Harry Potter slasher am I?

We'll see. This was going to be just a "bust the stash" sweater, but now I'm thinking I need two more skeins to finish it as a rainbow potter sweater if I do that. -_-

Luckily it's cheap-ass yarn from Michaels.

I did a few drawings today. A couple of Snape, and a watercolor that's for [ profile] djinnj It's Aaaaaaalmost done. I just need to wait for the wet to dry a little more, and finish up two little parts. Hope she likes it. ;_;

Work was long. I'm super-tired. Still dreaming of puki, and thinking it's the most ridiculous thing I could do right now.

Parents aren't going to cater to my doll obsession. I think I'll have to just wait for tax time.

Or forget about my little baby Pansy Parkinson. ^_^

At least for now.
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Oh Hollywood...

When buffy is turned into a rat in season 2, they could have at least picked a FEMALE rat to represent Rat!buffy.

Instead they found a rat with giant wobbly ratballs jiggling underneath him. -_-

It's actually pretty funny.
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It's a comfort food night.

Outside, it's something like 80 degrees. I'm eating Chicken noodle soup, and a turkey cheese panini.

Why? Oh, 'cause today sucked the unholy balls of the devil's bastard child. Yes. It was that bad. And then worse, and then bad again. Oh, and then it was okay for a little while before it got bad again.


And now? I'm eating hot stuff in the summer, waiting for the rest of the gale to blow in.
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Everyone wants money from me... -_-

So... in honor of living below the national poverty level, and yet being ineligible for public assistance (that's right, I make too much money to get help, and yet not enough to pay for rent, utilities, and groceries. Go figure!), I am selling off more stuff.
I don't have a lot right now, so it's gonna be just random things here and there.


Here's the deal. Since my asshole of an ex won't pay me child support for this month or last month, I need to raise about $300. I can sell some books and CDs to the used book store, but I don't have much left after the last time I did that, so I'll have to try other things.

Here's what I have!

Artwork: my RS games Watercolor is up for bid at


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