Dec. 6th, 2008 09:39 pm
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That's what happens when I'm supposed to be working, and I can't concentrate.
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Title: To be with you
Pairing: Oh god, it's sort of Snack... yeah, it's snack.
Rating: PG
Word Count: around 1150
Warnings: AU, Crack fic, bad 80's hair, boys being stupid.
Summary: When Sirius gets an idea, he gets it REALLY bad.

Un beta'd. Not worth it, IMO. It's simply a little snacky

This fic takes place in a weird future type setting... just, um... send the entire potterverse through a time warp and shove it forward 15 years or so. :D

To be with you. )
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And the fruits of my labor...

Title: And The Knight Stands Watch
Artist: [ profile] littleblackbow
Medium: Pen and ink
Rating: PG
Pairing: Snape/Sirius
Notes: The Art bunny attacked, and here's what happened... :P

The Knight Stands Watch )
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Hey, folks! Two hours left until the auctions are over. Two of the first three, anyway.

So, if you're at all interested, they're here.

Young Snape

The Chariot

Thanks to everyone who's looked, chatted with me, helped out, and given me words of encouragement. It really means a lot to me. Especially since this is a really stressful time for me on other levels, as well.

(Oh, and the Young Snape one is really 9x12, not 8x10)


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