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*deep breath*

I have the morning offish, so I can make some plans, catch up on a few things, and... I dunno, draw?!?!

I realized that I'm going to need help at Terminus. There's so much going on, and I don't have a planner or anything like that, so I'm going to be kind of in stuck-a-roonieland if I can't figure out when and where everything's going to take place.

There are a TON of meet-ups, and I have stuff to share with several of them, so I need to get my little bag stuffers to the proper people before it's time for the events. I also have to figure out how to coordinate with different groups within the fandom. There are the Doll people, the slash people, the fanart people, and among all of those the "OMG I HAVE TO MEET YOU OR I WILL DIE INSIDE!" people.

I think we're taking Megabus down there. I don't know how it's gonna work with my doll boys - maybe I'll have to drive. I hate to do that, though... unless I could drive to my mom's and take the train down to the hotel. I could do that.

Gah... so much to do... and only... less than a month away!
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Okay: a few things here...

First, I was checking with one of my friends, and I think we're going to visit England/Ireland/France next year if the dollar get stronger. We were hoping to find someplace cheapish to stay, but it's nearly impossible to find accommodations that fit within our budget from this side, so I was wondering if anyone on my flist has any suggestions or knows of places we could go. It would be myself, my son, and possibly one other friend.

We'd like to include Spain on our trip, too, but figure that would cost an extra $400, so we'll have to see...

Also: I hate having a summer cold! It really really really sucks.

And lastly: I've started working on a commission for [ profile] dementordelta. Anyone who knows her well, could you help out with something?

I'm asking you guys 'cause I think she's at Portus right now, and... yeah. :P


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