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Jan. 4th, 2009 08:57 am
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And What I Did This Year!

Okay, so I'm laying here, thinking that I should be sleeping for another two hours so I can be reasonably awake at work today, but I cannot sleep!

So, here's my attempt at a year's worth of art. Even though I REALLY don't remember all of it. Seriously, I'm not gonna remember this, so if there's something else you saw of mine that you liked, let me know, and I'll put it in here.
it's kind of a massive list! )
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A number of things:

First off, There's one more day to my auctions. Well, a day and a half, really. I've worked into the Harry/Draco sketch some more, actually. It was one of those ideas I had, and I could have just tossed it away, but I didn't want to, 'cause there was something there... but the more I work on it, the more I think it's turning out alright. :D

Harry and Draco Auction set here

Sirius (and Remus) set here

And the Snape set is here

Anyway, yeah, tomorrow night it will close, and... ;_; still no love for Sirius.

Also, if any of you missed it, I made a present for my Flist and basically all of HP fandom. You guys have really helped me pull through this year, and I can't express how much I appreciate it!

The Gift video can be found here.

So, there's one more thing, and it's kind of weird, and I feel a little awkward mentioning it 'cause... well, it was [ profile] dementordelta's idea!! You can blame her!!

I've created an asylum for this Allieverse (what I call the place where Snape has a daughter named Alstromeria, and Harry has Jimmy and Allie and Jimmy are friends... you know that one), so I'll be archiving all my works surrounding those families there.

And it was suggested that I have some kind of fest or exchange or something within that universe.

What do you guys think? If nothing else, it'll be a place where people who want to write and draw those characters can post their work! :D

Come and join if you are so inclined!
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A few things...

First off, I've got a few auctions going on, and so far no love for Sirius and Remus. ;_;

Harry and Draco Auction set here

Sirius (and Remus) set here

And the Snape set is here

The Snape set includes a DVD (including cover art and a case) with both my Snarry Games video and my Holiday gift video on it, plus DVD extras.

The Gift video can be found here.

I've also got a Donation button set up just 'cause circumstances are so dire. Seriously, I just paid out rent and I have no money left to pay utilities, car payment, gas, groceries, and student loan payment. -_-

And my computer's dying.

So, yeah, I need help.

And a couple of my friends urged me to make an amazon wish list, and to be honest. So I did. -_-

Gah, it's so awkward and embarrassing asking for things, isn't it? I mean, if I was a reasonable success, I could afford to buy things for myself. I'd be able to replace my computer when it's broken, and not try to get the laptop to work for over five years (two with a broken "b" key on the keyboard and a broken clasp.)

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Title: Through the Snowflakes
Artist: [ profile] littleblackbow
Medium: Video - pencil and paper
Pairing: Snape, Harry, Alstromeria, Jimmy
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters - well, Allie, I guess I do own - but the others are all belonging to JKR and Warner bros.
Artist Notes:

A Christmas Present for all of you!

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I have a gift to share. You've all given me so much this year, and words cannot express how grateful I am for it!

So, I'm thanking you in the best way I know how.

And I wish all of you the very best this season!


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