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Okay! So, this is going to be one major link-spam. I've been trying to figure out a good way of doing this so it's a little prettier and you don't have to hit the back button every time you look at something and want to look at something else. However, I'm pretty bad at all things internet, so I'll have to have one of my friends do that sort of thing for me.

In the mean time, I'll just go with a list. I'm not having this open in a new window 'cause if you're like me, you have popup blockers in place, and popupwindows are just annoying as hell in general.

Some of this art is labeled (NWS). Please, if you are under 17, just don't click on it. I mean, for the most part, it's labeled that 'cause of penises, and we all know you can find them easier doing a google search, but still, this is my own disclaimer. If it offends you, if gay love offends you, if you don't like male sexual organs, don't click on those, plskthx!

Without further Ado... sorted out by pairing/category...

The big 'ol HP fanart list )
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Something else I did.

Worst self-promoter ever.


This was for HP Slashnotsmut. I'm going to link you directly to the page over there.

And I just realized that you can't really see Harry's scar in here. Grrr. It's there in the original!!
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Don't read the pairings. Don't make up your mind. Don't be narrow-minded idiots and miss out on one of the most fantastic bits of art/story ever made.

I can't begin to describe how fantastic this fic is. It's short, too - just over 2k words.

Super creative.

And it really give back some of what fandom has been missing lately - humor, excellent writing, and some really really clever ideas!!

I cannot rec this enough!
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I need to raise $400 by Friday! Help me out and get some really amazing art!!

First: I've got two Black T-shirts XL with Snape on them. That's my screenprint of Snape. Silver on Black. $25 each plus $3 shipping

Ill be making more T-shirts and bags as soon as I can afford the shirts/fabric. ^_^

Also: Two Snape-Screened bags. Green print on outside, Screened with silver Snape, again, and lined with light gray fabric. They're awesome over-the-shouder totes!! $25 each plus $3 shipping

Now, onto the original artwork: )
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I've got two Snape bags ready to sell, and two XL Snape T-shirts (Silver on Black).

I need to do more. But just don't have the time right now. They offered me a little bit of overtime at work, and I just need to do it!

I will see how much work I can get done tomorrow.

As for the sale, it will have to be in two parts if I can manage it. I am going in to work tomorrow. -_- I will get up early and see how much I can scan first thing in the morning.

Wow, do I ever need sleep. My feet are burning, too. Sleep will feel so good.
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Alright. Purse design is a win. I'm really pleased with it. This version of it is still too small for printing, but it's adorable, anyway.

It's a kind of square purse with a flap. I'll see if I can streamline the process so it won't take too long to make one. If I can get the creation process down to under two hours, I think I can sell them at a decent price.

So, what would you pay for one of these? It's fully lined with a fabric that's just like the red and black kanji fabric, only black with white kanji.

And here's the finished Snape Bag. I'm thinking $25 for these.

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I need to be asleep. Not awake.

And I need to wake up in two hours, get some work done, and then get ready for work.

Grrr. Please fall asleep, me. Please please please.
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dear bad fanfic writer:

It is generally bad form to write in an original character - the WIFE of the character you OBVIOUSLY love - that is based on you. Very much no.

And your two best friends as minions?


Bad fanfic is bad.

*goes back to the proverbial train wreck*
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What is it with this morbid fascination I have with bad fanfiction?

And when I say bad, I mean baaaaaaaaaaad. So OOC and AU that the characters are more Muggle than Wizard until it comes to sex.

Oh, and "hahahahahahahah!" to "shooting forth ropes of exploding white liquid heat." (only slightly changed to protect the innocent.)

FFN, I love you. Seriously.
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So, how is it that when I make things from whatever the heck I have on hand, they always turn out super-yummy?


2 chicken breasts, one large onion, 3/4 bag frozen peas, curry marsala, garam marsala, flour, butter, olive oil, salt...

and rice.

OMG, so yummy.

Head's Up!

Apr. 21st, 2009 06:18 am
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Just wanted people to know I'm doing a portfolio Dump on Sunday.

I need to get rid of some of the old stuff to make room for the new, and I need to make $260 for my car payment.

So, you guys know what that means.

Sunday - first come, first serve. A few screen prints, otherwise all originals. (screen prints are signed and numbered). Most pieces are under $50!!

Please comment here if you're interested. Thanks!
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Whoever buys me This, I'll send one of everything (that is, one from each frame) I make from it.

God, it's such a good deal, but it would be almost $70, and I just can't afford it.

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it's nearly 3 am, and I should be asleep.

I have a question for all the DW users on my flist. Are you guys still going to check Insanejournal? I don't really use Livejournal, and I don't have a DW account. So, I'll probably only post over here. I feel kind of stupid starting a couple of new communities here if Insanejournal's just going to die anyway, but then again, I'm stupid, and I'll just keep posting away like normal.

Still, it'd be nice to know if people plan to keep their Insanejournals. Especially since DW is not open to everyone, and you can't see someone else's 18+ journal if you're not a member.

Dayum I need sleep. What the hell's wrong with me? Little bit of stress, perhaps?
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First attempt at the screen is alright. I think the fabric I used was too thick - I tried it out on a cheap, storebought canvas bag. There isn't a whole lot of detail, but you can totally tell who it is and stuff.

Now, I'm going to test it out on a couple of other types of fabric and see if I can't get it to work out nicer on some broadcloth. I might make the bags double-layered broadcloth if this works.

On the whole, though.. I'm pretty darn happy with it. )
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So, I got some screen printing stuff, went out and bought the inks I needed, as well as a new brush and some of the drawing fluid and screen filler, and tonight I'll be printing up some Snape faces on fabric to test it out.

I think it's working pretty well so far, but we won't really know until I do my first print.

I'm going to be making them into over-the-shoulder tote bags. They'll be a good size - around 12-14 inches wide and 18 or so inches tall At least I think that's the size.

Hopefully they'll turn out so I can sell them.

I'll take a digiphoto and upload it when I get the first one done. That way you can tell me what you guys think I ought to charge for it.

I'm depending on all of you!!
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It's so freakin' cold in here. Do I turn on the heat? I hate to do that 'cause of the power, but...

I've got wool socks on, a sweatshirt, and I'm covered in a blanket. Grrr.too cold!
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"I already have a shallow friend who dresses like a futuristic prostitute."

Sorry, I just felt like that was a quote of the day for me. :P
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Oh, God, even if you're not fans of this pairing, give it a shot 'cause OMG, the art, and the words, and the canon up until the very end...

It's just amazing.
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Lots of awesome artwork going up at [ profile] hp_coloringbook. You guys should really check it out!

Including art by [ profile] accioslash, [ profile] majmunka[ profile] la_dissonance, and myself.

Fun, fun stuff. Come on people, let's gt those color crayons, markers, pencils and wacom tablets out and COLOR!!!


I know, there are a lot of fests going on right now, but you can do what I'm doing - print it out and color in it while you're recovering from traumatic fic or in the throes of envy at someone else's artistic skill.

Srsly. It's helping. :D
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I'm going out to eat tonight.

I can't even believe it.

It's been almost a month and a half - close to two months since I've been out to eat, and about 3 or 4 months since I've been out with other people.

I don't know if I remember how to talk to people anymore. Weird, huh?

so, maybe I'll be online tonight, maybe not. I do have more art to scan and share. Not pertaining to any fests or anything. Just a black-winged Snape, and another Sirius sketch. :P

Tonight... maybe tomorrow. Certainly Saturday if not 'cause I have this saturday OFF!!!


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