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You've got to read this! It's wonderful and amazing, and I can't beleive that it hasn't been plastered all over my flist yet!!

Well, other than the fact that it's not technically slash.

But it's NEVILLE! and SNAPE!!

Need I say more?!

You must go and read!
on ffn

The Closing of the Year
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Mmmmm... Beltane

Can you smell the fires already? Celebrate the coming of Summer? A time of Rebirth?

Phoenixes, Rebirth, Living and praying for a good summer!

It's time to sign up for

Okay, seriously folks, we need artists and just a few more spots for writers!. I'm not running the show, but it was amazing last year, and I'm looking forward to it this year.

It's Harry/Draco/Snape. Solo, or in any combination of pairs or all three - up to you! The fest has a Beltane theme, but other than that, it's pretty open. Canon, AU, Epiloge compliant or without that weird alternative reality last chapter of the book.

Ratings anywhere from G to OMGYOUDIDN'TGOTHERE!(Nc-17!!!XXX)

Lots of fun, and a long time to get things done. :D


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