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Okay. I know. Rec'ing another one of Aoifene's fics.

God, this is good, though.

Even if you're not a fan of Harry/Draco, I think it ought to be used as a textbook example of how to write Draco snark and Harry retorts.

It's also so smooth in transitions, and flows so well... Guh.

I wanna write like this!


A hope in hell.
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And because you don't have to be in a fest to get rec'd, right?

Here... every Snarry fan on my flist needs to go look at This art by [ profile] lizardspots

Gorgeous Snarry, creepy Snape... just fantastic!!!
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I'd like to just say that I'm REALLY loving HP Slash Not Smut fest.

It was fun to do, it's fun to read, there's art and fic and... and it's just a breath of life for me today.

Anyway, those of you who haven't taken a look, please go. And especially read "The Stag and Flower" It's pretty amazing.!!!
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It's on IJ, too!

Yeah, I forgot about that. I'm so excited!
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My HD_worldcup art posted today!!!!

Everyone go look! :D

*squeeees with joy!!*
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I'm so excited 'cause I finally got my Snapely_holidays gift, and it's ART!!!!!!


And it's SNACK! And she chose the prompt where Sirius goes to Snape's house the summr after GoF!

*_* I'm completely starstruck.

Okay, so not only did I get art, but I got a ROCKSTAR artist, and it's Snack, and it's amazingly gorgeous, and there's a full story in one drawing! And just about as passionate kiss as there can be without actively participating in it!

Go take a look!!!
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One of my co-workers wants to start a crusade against religion.


And I've been listening to the most amazing CD I've heard in years. Pretty much constantly for the past four days.

Chumbawamba: A Singsong and a Scrap

Now, some of you may know that I have a secret soft place in my heart for the memory of Joe Hill. He's mentioned on this CD, as well. I had to love it!

They're all songs about activism, activists, and people who live their lives fighting for the greater good, or whatever else they can manage in their own ways.

I want to start a movement to change the way our government defines "poverty." Did you guys know that they figure it out based on census numbers from several years ago, then multiplied by the inflation rate of 2.8%?

Since when were we at an inflation rate of 2.8%??? I mean, really, cost of living has gone up way more than that for the past couple of years. Every year my utility costs go up about 12%, groceries 15%-30%, gas has gone up 50% in one year, and clothing about 8%-10%...

So, where do they get this number? 2.8%?

Okay, figure in wage increases, right? Well, last year when I was working at Joann, I got a wage icrease of about 4%. This year, at Trader Joes, about 6%.


Still nowhere near the cost of living increases.

but we're not in a recession. We're not in a depression. There's no inflation. The economy is fine. As long as we get our stimulus packages, people will start spending money again, and everything's okay, right?

Pass the Moet&Chandon, Mr. President.


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