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Two concerts this week.

Morrissey on Monday was fantastic. What a rat-bastard of an asshole. But he's got the voice of an angel. Too bad he knows it.

I'm glad I saw him, though. The concert was very good, and certainly entertaining! And oh, how that man can sing.

However, and I'm sure this won't hurt his ego at all, it was not the best one I've seen... not even the best one this week.

Hearing the music from the Final Fantasy games played by a full chamber orchestra was amazing beyond words. I mean, I knew that Uematsu-san had written this music with something grander than your basic video game in mind, but Holy Cow! So incredible.

I did purchase the CD, and if they ever do come back, I will shell out the $50 to go see them again!!

In other news, I've been drawing a lot. OMG, the list is getting shorter, but I've still got so much to do!! The good thing is that I've really gotten back into my drawing. I've felt uncomfortable with it for a while now, feeling that what I've been doing was mediocre at best, but I think I'm back into the proverbial swing of things.

My head hurts with the worst migraine I've had in ages... and my teeth hurt, too. Damn, I wish I had money to get a couple of fillings done.
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One more commission done! YAY!

Work was pretty hectic today. First it was slow as hell, and we were all kind of worried about making payroll. Then after that it got super-super busy. I think it had something to do with the terrible, horrible snow storm that's coming. No, really, it's about 1-3 inches. People around here are silly when it comes to that. At least they are when they live in the suburbs. They don't want to do anything when it's snowy. -_-

And so someone at work today was complaining about being on Register most of the day. My thought was "hey, at least you're here. They could have cut your hours down to next to nothing like they did for other people."

I swear, haven't they realized that any work is better than no work at this point? Seriously, folks.

Anyway, I want to check with the commissioner of this drawing before I post it. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

*tease, tease*


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