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Okay, so here's the story. Some of you know [ profile] bookofjude, right? Well, he posts in Snupin communities and stuff most of the time, and in Ron/Harry and a few other places.

And he hangs out in the Snupin IRC chat room. I hang out in there, too!

And we were talking, and one thing led to another, and it turns out he's going to get a blood test. Of course, my first thought is that he's pregnant and has to go make sure. Right? Right!? That's what blood tests are for!!!

So, I figure. Ron's off looking for Hermione's parents in Australia. Jude lives in Australia! BAM!

Ron went to Jude's house, took one look at him, and PRESTO! Fertilization occurred in the most slashy and wonderful way!!

Which leads me to the picture I drew of the happy family!

We have a new OTP, people! Ron+Jude= RUDE!!!

Prepare yourself for the Adorableness )
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Reveals are done for Best Mates Xmas.

Let me tell you, the caliber of writing in that fest is amazing. I just loved so many of the fics, and I'm not even generally a Harry/Ron shipper.

I did offer to pinch hit (insane woman that I am), and came up with one of the best Harrys that I've ever drawn, and a really fantastic Ron! Sometimes I'm amazed at how much emotion I can get in the characters expressions - even without my consciously doing it.

So, anyway... here's a link! Comment, Rec, spread it around. I am SERIOUSLY proud of this one, and that doesn't happen very often!

Rated G for Gorgeous!!! (sorry, no, it's really rated G for Gen)

Ron and Harry behind the cut!


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