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buffy isn't like a train wreck. It IS a train wreck.

I need to get work done.


Someone please scratch my eyes out.
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Isn't there a Snarry Art Games someone was talking about?

And signups are this week?
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I'm thinking I'll do four designs and sell them as a set with three of each design in the set. :D

What do you guys think? Would you pay $5 for something like that?

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Okay, so I missed signing up for the HD holidays. And I don't have any idea when smutmas starts.


Anyone need an illustration to go with their fic? Of course, I'd love for it to be an even exchange, and I send off some art, and someone else sends me off one of my torturous rarepair requests, but I do want to give gifts for the holiday season.

Also, I'm making some Stationsnarry for peeps to write to their slashy penpals. Anyone interested in buying a few sheets? I'm gonna try to come up with four designs and offer three pages of each design.


Oh, and I can't wait to post my next DD. It's so fuckin' porny and hot, even I have a hard time drawing on it for more than a few minutes without taking a break.
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On my "To Do" list...

DD art
Scan and send in H_d_s art
Start on the first two of four cover arts I must do
Work more on DD's comic.


random doodles and things need to be scanned and posted. More terminus stuff, homeys.

Oh, and if anyone has some of the drawbles I did in notebooks, I'd like to see them. :D Feel free to scan and post as desired. I'd like to see the full collection of the various stages of Snape, Harry, Sirius, and random other characters. ^_^


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