Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Okay, I woke up from a second night in a row with a super-vivid dream. It's actually crazy how vivid and elaborate it was.

This time it was all about loyalty and me questioning what I should be doing, if I should talk about a transfter, etc.

I don't know if I got enough sleep or not. I woke up disoriented an I have no attention span whatsoever. Maybe eating something would help, but I have slight vertigo, too.

Pfft... Walking with Dinosaurs will help... I hope. Documentaries tend to help me focus a little better.
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Is there anyone else going to Azkatraz that would like a couple of roommates? It would be myself and my son (and a few creepy dolls maybe).

I'm flying in on the 16th, and leaving on the 21st.

Would rather stay with friends than strangers, and we're both willing and able to sleep on the floor if necessary!
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OMG! Everyone, you need to sign the petition to get this moive over here!!!

We need to see it! (I've watched the previews so many times, I can't even count that high.)


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