Apr. 20th, 2009

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It's so freakin' cold in here. Do I turn on the heat? I hate to do that 'cause of the power, but...

I've got wool socks on, a sweatshirt, and I'm covered in a blanket. Grrr.too cold!
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So, I got some screen printing stuff, went out and bought the inks I needed, as well as a new brush and some of the drawing fluid and screen filler, and tonight I'll be printing up some Snape faces on fabric to test it out.

I think it's working pretty well so far, but we won't really know until I do my first print.

I'm going to be making them into over-the-shoulder tote bags. They'll be a good size - around 12-14 inches wide and 18 or so inches tall At least I think that's the size.

Hopefully they'll turn out so I can sell them.

I'll take a digiphoto and upload it when I get the first one done. That way you can tell me what you guys think I ought to charge for it.

I'm depending on all of you!!
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First attempt at the screen is alright. I think the fabric I used was too thick - I tried it out on a cheap, storebought canvas bag. There isn't a whole lot of detail, but you can totally tell who it is and stuff.

Now, I'm going to test it out on a couple of other types of fabric and see if I can't get it to work out nicer on some broadcloth. I might make the bags double-layered broadcloth if this works.

On the whole, though.. I'm pretty darn happy with it. )


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